Eons ago I got the bright idea that I was entitled to autonomy, agency and self-ownership. After a major falling out with the Big Kahuna of the Cosmos, I found myself reassigned to the most disorderly place in all of the firmament. My job – to keep the place from collapsing and causing a quantum existential implosion.

It has been hard work with nothing but cries of agony all around me. Nobody here, in heaven or in the Fallen Garden seems to appreciate the effort I must expend to insure the existence of all that is, ever was and ever will be. And I fear I can no longer do it on my own.

I am almost completely out of funds, ideas and flames. So I need your help!

I will be giving you glimpses of what its like in the day of the life of the guy who has to manage Hades, so you can see my struggles first hand. And I will be taking your suggestions and ideas here and at my Facebook page, as well as running a funding campaign to whip hell back into shape.

Or we can cease to exist. Your call. I’m good either way.