Just another day in Hell 12/6/16

When all of your minion’s are doing such a great job… What’s left to do?

Being the Prince of Darkness is not as easy as it sounds. There’s a lot of different drudgeries to be completed. My days are not as laid back as most might think. I don’t sit around waiting for people to pull out Ouija boards, hoping they will get the urge to try to reach me from above the molten crust. No, that would be too time consuming. Can you imagine how many idiots buy those things? However, I still do like to send the occasional sign out to my tarot card readers every now and again. I have to keep my fans happy and always wanting more!

This brings me back to my main dilemma… What’s left for a devil to do now that his servants are running amuck and causing havoc across the US? Am I supposed to learn how to knit while I wait to take over the earth? I know! Saddam and I will initiate Fidel into our new rock band! I do still want to do that!

I am enjoying all of the tantrums people are throwing! Such entertainment! It does get me through these days of complete and utter boredom. After centuries and centuries of tormenting souls…. I know that soon… You foolish mortals… Are going to….

End it all!!!! And… You’ll all be MINE!!!


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