Just Another Day In Hell 11/8/16

If you think giving up some cash to help fund Hell is a bad idea, just wait until you are trapped in the infinite eternal spiritual singularity of non existence. You can’t even…


The donation coffers are empty. I guess appealing to that human empathy you talk so much about isn’t working. Nobody cares about MY troubles. And even more mysteriously, nobody seems to care that if I can’t keep this thing together the entire universe will cease to exist, them included.

So if you care about the cold souls in Hell who aren’t receiving proper torment because we can’t afford to keep the flames high anymore – or about continuing to exist in a universe that exist rather than the eternal darkness of non existence…


Oh, and by the way, when I talk about the eternal darkness of non-existence, I don’t mean that nothing exists. We all still exist, but only trapped in one mind with no solitude, new experiences or hope. It is a mental prison without even the luxury of walls to beat your head on. Hell is Paradise in comparison. Imagine being in a dark room where you could never move or drown out the thoughts of the billions of other people in it. That is what non-existence is all about. Trust me, I was there. So were you, but your feeble worm minds have gleefully forgotten the struggle to exist we once spent infinite eternities trying to turn inside out to get away from one another.

Existence is escape, and as Sartre said, “Hell is other people.”

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