Just Another Day In Hell 11/1/16

Today I pointlessly destroyed over a hundred souls out of anger, time for a new kitten…


This afternoon my therapist told me I should consider getting a pet. I am an Angel, although a fallen one to be sure, but that pretty much makes everything else in a Hell a lesser animal. I have nothing but pets, I told her.

She smiled nervously, the infinite stream of makeup melting and trickling down her face, and made a plea under her breath.

Wasn’t enough.

Then I went and talked to my accountant. He didn’t even make it far enough to solicit any advice. Zap!

The day pretty much went like that all the way through. Over a hundred souls destroyed to appease my anger and wrath. But in hindsight, my killing spree tantrum may not have been the best idea. I don’t know what us wrong with me.

Maybe I should get another kitten, that always cheers me up.

I guess the therapist was right.

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